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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are many of the questions asked by people and businesses looking to get their company online.
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What will be needed from me to design a website for my company?
A description of your company, services/products and contact information is the first thing to focus on. If you have photos or graphics, they can be scanned, optimized and installed on the website. If you don't have any photos, CLI Web Design can come to your establishment and take high resolution digital photos.

How long will it take before my website is available on the web?
Depending on how much content you want on your new website, it can take as little as a few days to a few weeks to fully develop your website and upload it to a web server.

How much will it cost to build my new website?
Standard Websites can be very affordable to build. Prices start from only a few hundred dollars and up for a small 3-5 page site. There are a few factors that determine the cost of a website including the time involved and the complexity. Bigger sites and sites with intricate programming involved will tend to be more expensive. After a website is developed, it must be tested under different browsers and operating systems to insure that the majority of your visitors will see the website the way it is intended. Then it must be uploaded to a server and tested again. After the site is up and running, your email accounts must be set up and tested. Since a websites purpose is usually to get people to recognize and buy your products/services, it can be thought of an investment into your company rather than an expense.

What does it mean for my website to be hosted on a server?
Once your website is constructed, it's uploaded to a server. A server is a computer with a high speed connection specifically designed to make your website available on the Internet. Web Hosting Companies offer a variety of different packages to meet your needs. Some people will need FrontPage Server Extensions, CGI-BINS, Statistic programs, email addresses or all of the above. Choosing a Hosting Company is tricky business. A reputable company that won't disappear in the near future is preferred. Good service and prices is another thing to look for. CLI Web Design brings you the best of service, price and reliability.

What is a Link?
A link is short for "Hyperlink". A word, phrase, picture or button that you can click on to reach another page or section in the current page is a link. Like this! Clicking this link will bring you to the top of this page.

What is a statistics program and how does it help me?
Statistic programs are very important for understanding which pages on your website are the most viewed, how many people are viewing your site and who is sending these people to your site. There are many more important reports available on a stats program. I'm sure you've been approached by people offering to sell you advertising for your website many times. A stats report will tell you if they are delivering on the service they sold you.

What is a Domain Name?
The address ( typed into the address bar to reach a website is a Domain Name. They range in price from around $10.00 per year to around $35.00 per year. This is something you don't want to forget to renew. Even if you find that your business name is not available as a Domain Name (”), we'll help you to find practical alternatives.

How will people know my website is out there?
Once your website is available on the internet, you should include it on all your advertising, business cards and promotional items. Search engines are a major way for people to find you. is a very popular Search Engine which people can enter a search to find you. Building an emailing list can get your name out to many people. Include a link to your website on every email. Those that receive your email can forward it to an unlimited amount of people. Club Long Island also offers it's members high exposure advertising.

Will I get an email address to go with my website?
Yes! The amount of email addresses that's included depends on which hosting plan you choose. You can connect to your email account easily using Outlook Express or with your favorite browser.

I'm not happy with my current site. Can it be remodeled?
Absolutely! You already have the web space available. CLI Web Design can upgrade, update or completely rebuild your website to fit your needs and budget.

I already have a website. What can I do to keep it fresh with new content.
There are plenty of ways to keep your visitors coming back. Discounts Coupons and Freebees are a very popular way to keep the interest up. Some choose to post a photo gallery and update it regularly. Guest books allow people that visit to share their opinions on a page on your site. As long as there is new content, people will have a reason to come back.

How do I contact CLI Web Design to begin construction on my website?
Simply use our Contact Form and we'll respond to you within 48 hours or less. Please include the best time to call you.